Raising quails is benefactor for any age:
– kids enjoy to observe the birds, their singing or plays. The breeding and the hatching eggs will cause a lot of excitement. And it is a wonderful idea for a real big birthday present.
– adults may see the DIY side, cage-building or organizing activities
– elder participants in the quail raising process fall in love with this amazing birds, their need of care and very soon they will be aware of the eggs exceptionally healthy properties. Like hobby, for retired person quails are priceless, introducing them in the quail-world, where everybody is learning and discovering constantly, and shares the new knowledge. Probably from the hobby-like few quail-raising most of us will move toward the bigger number of quail farming , covering the need of eggs for the entire family, even of some gourmets meat. So what is quail? – not just enjoyable outdoor activity. And how to raise quails? read here and find what you need for start.